Welcoming Jordi P. Aulet as Technical Product Manager at Aragon Labs

Welcoming Jordi P. Aulet as Technical Product Manager at Aragon Labs


Aragon Labs is pleased to announce that Jordi P. Aulet has been appointed as Technical Product Manager.

Jordi has more than 15 years’ experience in software development and product management, especially in the building of SaaS platforms. As an entrepreneur, he helped to develop several projects in the Smart City, Open Data, citizen participation and Blockchain verticals, working to improve society using technology.

Within the Aragon Labs team, Jordi will be responsible for listening to all of the needs of stakeholders and translating them into a technical roadmap. One aspect will be helping the development team to solve customers’ pain points and another will be analyzing emerging developments and technology trends to see how they can be integrated to improve our products.

I am an avid learner and curious person – willing to learn every day – so I’m more than excited to be part of a team of extremely talented people. I will also be working at the confluence of the  fields that excite me the most: blockchain, decentralization, citizen participation, open data and DAOs. Being part of Aragon will allow me to continue to build a more participatory and democratic world, where technology is at the service of the citizen. In my own time, I seriously love to travel, and I love spicy food, very spicy!” – Jordi P. Aulet, Technical Product Manager at Aragon Labs.

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