What can we expect about Monero in 2020? : Monero

Since the new year is approaching, I check the to-do list on Roadmap 2019 & future from getmonero.org:

① Broadcast transaction over Tor

② tini2p integration

③ Kovri Integration

④ Return address

⑤ New Proof of Work RandomX

⑥ Anonymity network aggregator for data transmission

⑦ Second-layer solutions for speed and scalability

⑧ Additional MRL research papers

· AFAIK, ③kovri project stagnated, would ① ② ③ jointly be Tor/I2P‘s integreation into GUI (already into CLI) ?
· I think ⑤ is done on Nov.30
· Is ⑦ about CLSAGDLSAG, etc. stuff?
· how about ④ ⑥ ? What are they?
· and besides these, what can we expect about Monero in 2020? personally I wish Random X works well, more miners, more dencentralized hashrate.

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