What do you guys think of the new XMRtopia uncensored concept : Monero

What do you guys think of the new XMRtopia uncensored concept : Monero


So, in today’s monero topia livestream there was brought up a new way of how the conference should work.

They discussed on relaunching as XMRtopia uncensored.

They think of removing themselves as Gatekeepers and let people book themselves to speak at the conference.

Someone would need to send monero, (there it was discussed 1 monero for half an hour) to speak at the conference, and that when that person speaks at the conference, he gets his monero back.

So, then you couldn’t (and Doug’s opinion you shouldn’t have in the first place) blame them for what someone says or would have said on the stage. So that they just act as the platform.

As I understand this, this is good since, like Crypto bear also mentioned in there, free speech is absolute. Who gets to decide what’s factual information? And when we start discussing about everything whether it’s factual or not, it’s starts to/or is already too much out of context of monero. Atleast IMO.

Something I would like to add here is something crypto bear said in the interview.

“The moment you start to pick and choose,Β  it is a matter of dissueding, what the correct political move is […]”

So, what’s ur guys opinion on this discussed relaunch? There were Multiple people discussing, it was a great monero topia livestream, for those who didn’t you should watch it.

Have a nice day and discussion here πŸ™‚ And please correct me if I misunderstood something.

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