What is the reason for unusual stuck bitcoin transaction?

What is the reason for unusual stuck bitcoin transaction?


I have my bitcoin wallet and there is the following situation:

  1. There is a strange transaction with 200+ inputs to the wallet A which I don’t know (with low amount and very low fee). These transactions are staying unconfirmed in the network.
  2. There is then transaction from this wallet A with 70+ outputs and one of them is the address of my wallet. These transaction is small as well with low commission. They are unconfirmed by network as well.
  3. After these unconfirmed transactions appeared I tried to send transaction from my wallet with reasonable amount and reasonable commission (around 50 satoshi) and this transaction has been staying unconfirmed for the last 24+ hours. Can the root cause be these weird small (with low commission) transactions to my walled? I tried to send another reasonable transaction from totally another wallet with the same 50 satoshi commission – it worked.

Could you please help me to understand what is going on and how to unblock my stuck transaction?

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