What’s in Store For XCM

Our hard work on developing the XCM ecosystem is starting to bear fruit! XCM will be at the core of our ecosystem and it is what fuels CoinMetro. Our token is now getting the attention it has earned– keep reading to see why!


XCM Ecosystem Is Gaining Traction Fast!

XCM is due to be integrated into all of CoinMetro’s products and services. Our token will be tied into every transaction and interaction that occurs on theexchange. This is a massive factor for creating sustainable growth and demand for XCM. We are continuously working on ensuring there is value in holding and utilizing XCM. 

The first major use case for XCM is TraM. TraM managers will be required to lock in 10 000 XCM and followers 500 XCM to participate in a TraM. Manager performance fees are also paid in XCM. The logic is simple – the better the managers perform, the more demand for XCM is generated. As the amount of followers increases, so does the amount of XCM that is locked (and taken out from available supply).  

The solid foundation for XCM lies in how we operate with it – allexchange feescollected across the platform will be used to buy XCM straight from the order book! And that’s not all – in addition to buying XCM back from the book, CoinMetro will also be sending between 1-50% of every fee collected into a cold storage wallet with a 5 year lock! 


Introducing the XCM Rebates System

We have great news for all the XCM Hodlers out there! You will be able to lock in XCM to join different discount tiers and gain the amazing benefits that come with it! Grab yourself a business class ticket on CoinMetro and earn up to50% maker bonus,20% trading feereductions and many more perks which are all paid instantly as rebates! Yes, it is as good as it sounds. There has never been a better time to accumulate and prepare for the launch of the XCM ecosystem. 

We always look after our loyal ICO contributors! Even better news for you – you will still receive a50% maker bonusand a25% reductionon trading fees. There will still be more perks waiting for you on other tiers! Check it out to see what bonuses await you there!

At CoinMetro we are always keen to hear feedback and ideas from our community of active users,let us knowwhat you’d like to see for the future of XCM!

Now it’s time for you to check it out for yourself! Head over to ourplatformand start locking XCM to benefit from our many bonuses! In case you have any further questions about our platform, our support team is available 24/7 to help you out.

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