XinFin upgrades web browser based smart contract development app

XinFin, a blockchain architecture that combines the best features of Bitcoin, Quorum and Ethereum, has announced upgrades for XinFin Remix, a web browser-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows users to write Solidity smart contracts and compile, deploy and run those smart contracts on the XinFin Blockchain Network.

In the upgraded version, everything in Remix is a plugin, making the Plugin Manager crucial. Prior to the upgrade, each basic task was separated into the tabs in the old layout of Remix. These tabs are now redesigned as plugins.

Everything is now a Plugin in Remix

To make it easier to integrate new tools made by XinFin and developers into Remix, everything is now a plugin. This architecture allows Remix or any part of Remix to be integrated into other projects in a simpler way.

With the advent of Plugins, users will only have to load the functionality they need. It also offers the benefit of turning off and on plugins as per need.

Users can manage all of their plugins in the Plugin Manager, which is also the section where developers can create their own plugin or load a local plugin into the Remix app.


Developers can click on one of the environment buttons to load a collection of plugins.

In the new version, XinFin features a Solidity Button and a Vyper button, but going forward developers will now be able to save their own custom environment.

The environment buttons are time and sanity savers so users do not need to access the plugin manager to get started every time they need to load the page.

The homepage is located on the top left corner of the tab in the Main Panel


To make working on Remix fun and more friendly, XinFin has also added a themes section Developers can now work with a dark theme or a grey theme or just any custom theme that best fits your needs.

For more details, check out all of the upgrades and layout updates on GitHub.

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