YouTube Goes Against Crypto By Removing Videos Without Warning

According to multiple complaints by a multitude of people in the cryptocurrency community YouTube goes against the entire crypto community by removing videos without warning so we are reading more about it in the cryptocurrency news below.

For 15 years now YouTube is the best and the biggest video platform in the globe and throughout the years there were some issues with its content creators. Though the bigger part of the problems had their root in real issues in relation to the nature of the content the platform is now attacking a concrete topic without any apparent reason.

YouTubehas recently without any warning removed a great multitude of crypto-related videos from all of the crypto-related channels. The move was made not only against potential scammers and YouTube uninfluenceable users but also against the most recognized influencers. Everyone knows that YouTube is not in favor of advertiser-unfriendly content. But usually, the videos will get demonetized if the content concretely broke the terms of service of the company. This is is the consequence that awaits the videos that have in them curse words or content deemed inappropriate for other reasons.

However, while YouTube mostly worked on clearing out the confusion by offering clarity regarding its policy and decisions, the new ban on crypto content came as a surprise, and without any kind of warning. YouTubers such as Chris Dunn (210,000 subscribers), Node Investor (54,000 subscribers), Chico Crypto (67,000 subscribers), and others complained on Twitter about the recent actions by the platform. There were one-week bans for some of the content creators and for someone even longer

In the meantime content creators that were targeted are planning on leaving the platform since YouTube goes above and beyond to fight against crypto and move to a platform with a more decentralized solution, where incidents of this kind will not be possible. The pleasing of the advertisers’ wishes instead of enabling and empowering its own creators is seen and was seen as the reason for the platform’s eventual downfall. The reasons for the recent actions are not revealed by the company, at the same time, it looks like the company will lose many creators because of it.

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