Zetanet Ico Review : Now, Enjoy High Speed, Secure and Truly Free Network

About Zetanet 

Zetanet blockchain 5.0 Project is a blockchain based internet protocol that allows a high speed, more secure and truly free network. It runs on a multi-layered and authentication-enhanced scheme for information encryption based on Jack’s Law application that focuses on encryption and autonomous storage. The scheme encrypts the whole or parts of the data according to its owners’ authorization by cryptography. With the current volume of data increasing every second, issues of data privacy being exploited and mishandled have risen. But the current concerns over privacy breaches and mishandling of data could be solved when a new internet emerges.

Token Basic Information

Token Name Zetanet
Token Symbol ZTN
Social Media Zetanet Ico Review : Now Enjoy High Speed, Secure and Truly Free NetworkZetanet Ico Review : Now Enjoy High Speed, Secure and Truly Free Network
Email Support support@zetanet.io
Platform Ethereum
Language English
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  • A novel Zetanet Algorithm Protocol to improve speed, security and new concept autonomous data (zero storage) and transaction per second, With the new consensus agreement which will remove the Byzantine Agreement (BA) algorithm.
  • A Zeta Series Network (ZSN) architecture is a new network concept for nodes with high scalability and speed for use in a wide variety of application scenarios. This network will be secure, include resource isolation, and can be customizable for any demand.
  • Zetanet Protocol (ZP) and Zetanet Crypto Algorithm (ZCA) to aid in the naming, discovery, and addressing of Value Zetanet assets and entities. These seamlessly integrate with internet resources to build underlying protocols and infrastructure services for blockchain ecosystems.

Zetanet as a Blockchain

The f o u n d a t i o n o f Zetanet is its own blockchain network. The Zetanet blockchain provides the global consensus and coordination layer for the network and implements the native token of the Zetanet called the Zetanet coin. Zetanet coin are consumed as “fuel” when users register digital assets like universal credential, software licenses, pointers to storage lockers, etc. They are also used to pay miners for registering/executing smart contracts.

Zetanet present the high-level design of the Zetanet blockchain, for more details on how these designs are being implemented and are evolving, we recommend reading the Zetanet Blockchain Improvement Proposals (ZBIPs) for these various component as well as Zetanet Resquest for Comments (ZRC). Plan to update this paper as more ZBIPs or ZRC are accepted through the Zetanet improvement process.

Design of Zetanet

  • Easy to Use Zetanet Internet 2.0: Decentralized applications should be easy to use for end users in internet 2.0 applications. Decentralized applications should be as easy to develop as developing on Zetanet.
  • Scalability: Zetanet should support users at internet-scale, i.e., hundreds of millions to billions of users. The network blockchain 5.0 must scale with the number of users and applications it runs.
  • Autonomous Data and User Control: Applications that use zetanet should put users in control by default. No dependent on servers operated by applications, users should be able to provide their computation and storage resources in autonomous data.
  • Minimal logic and state at the blockchain layer: To achieve scalability, Zetanet minimizes application logic and data at our “zetanet” blockchain layer. Using blockchain operations for application logic and storage is inherently slower than “off-chain” approaches; the need to synchronize and validate state across a wide range of networks and devices imposes significant limits on the throughput of such operations. The limiting factor is underlying bandwidth for global connectivity and memory/storage available at typical network nodes, i.e., physical limitations.

The Need for Speed

Outside of business, milliseconds may not mean millions of dollars, but today’s consumer expectations are higher than ever. Viewers now consider instantaneous; on-demand access the norm. In this ecosystem, the word “buffering” means something has gone wrong. Slow load times for images while online shopping can mean clicking on the next site and never returning. And for the streaming service provider or the online retailer, this means dents in the bottom line

Smart Contracts

In the client/server model, global state changes are coordinated by a central server which
functions as the sole authority of truth in the network. In decentralized computing, these state changes occur through smart contracts executing on an open blockchain.

Native Token

In traditional internet applications, payment activities are usually performed using third-party services like credit cards. Digital tokens are a native asset of decentralized computing platforms like Zetanet and Ethereum. Users have direct ownership of these tokens and can use them directly to register digital assets and smart contracts, as well as pay for executing smart contracts. Use of such native tokens can be programmed through smart contracts to build subscription services and automate other app functionality. Such programmable tokens were traditionally not available to developers of traditional internet apps.


A Multi-layered and authentication-enhanced scheme based on a decade of research and technology development.


Easy to use application and integration with both centralized and decentralized networks.


Regain complete control of your data as well as autonomous storage, user privacy and data integrity.




Lord Jack Rahman, Founder and CEO

Paulius Stankevicius, EMEA CEO and Global CMO

John Moses Ventura, Chief Technology Officer

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